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January 19 2016


Diamond tools and CBN inserts Manufacturers

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Insoll tools technology co.,LTD can be a high-tech enterprise that focused on the production of CBN cutting tools and other super hard material products,and the first R&D company focus on cutting tools for gray surefire,all kinds of wear resistant cast iron/cast steel,harden steel materials on this industry.

Ultra hard materials include the result of modern development and research. The last century witnessed extra ordinary rise in many fields of technology and science including material science. The newest developments in technology resulted in the use of quite difficult materials in mechanical, automobile and aviation fields. This in turn resulted in the development of new ultra hard cutting materials to machine these parts. Beside carbide cutting tools a number of other ultra hard materials like ceramic, polycrystalline diamond (PCD), monocrystalline diamond (MCD-natural diamond), diamond coatings on cutting tools, synthetic monocrystalline diamonds along with polycrystalline cubic boron nitrite are developed.

Insoll tools technology

Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD)
Polycrystalline diamond plates are manufactured by high temperature and pressure process in which the diamond coating is directly combined with a carbide support. Polycrystalline diamond is made by sintering of high quality diamond powder with metallic binder. Based on the application polycrystalline diamond materials can be purchased in various grain sizes. Including the diamond with rough grain sizes can be used making cutting tools with excellent wear resistance due to its ability to retain technologically advanced for a longer period. Incase you need very high surface finish on machines parts, then ultra micro grain sizes are highly preferred. Medium grain sizes can be used general all purpose cutting tools since it is a balance between high wear resistance of rough grain size and superior finish of ultra micro grains. This makes the medium grain sized polycrystalline diamond just as one excellent ultra hard material for manufacturing good quality metal cutting tools.

Natural Diamonds
Mono crystalline diamond (MKD) is natural diamond out of pure carbon. These natural diamonds give the production of geometric defined flutes with absolutely notch free flutes. Natural diamond (MKD) is on from the ultra hard materials which is suitable for achieving high surface finishes for mirror bright surfaces, machining of non-ferrous materials, micro machining and machining of titanium without burr.

Synthetic Monocrystalline Diamond
Further research and development resulted in synthetic mono crystalline diamonds that exist in triangles and rectangles with an edge period of approximately 8mm. The natural diamonds often contains nitrogen and also the it could have varying hardness and thermal conductivity. Whereas the synthetic monocrystalline diamonds have uniform structure with constant thermal conductivity and much less internal stress. Today synthetic monocrystalline diamonds are produced in various shapes and sizes which offers great application possibilities of this ultra hard material in the future. Researches have found considerable improvements in synthetic monocrystalline tool life, improved surface finish and constant wear behavior in comparison to other ultra hard materials like PCD and natural diamond.

Diamond Film Coating (CVD Process)
Diamond film coatings are done to improve the surface hardness of cutting tools. Generally diamond film coatings could be classified into two. The thin diamond film coating which has a layer thickness of roughly 5-20 microns and thick diamond film coating which has a layer thickness of roughly 0.5mm. Higher thermal and chemical stability and ultra surface hardness will be the advantages of diamond film coating. Low fracture toughness may be the disadvantage of of diamond film coatings. And when compared with polycrystalline diamonds no binder can be used while producing diamond film coatings which in turn causes higher splintery fracture.
Diamond film coated ultra hard materials would be better suitable for machining of aluminium alloys with good silicium contents as well as graphite and carbon. Tests show good use of diamond coated tools in machining plastics, gold alloys and wood machining.

Polycrystalline Cubic Born Nitrite (CBN)
Polycrystalline Cubic Born Nitrite will be the hardest cutting material after ultra hard materials like ceramics and diamond. CNB is done by a sinter process of warm and pressure using selected particles of Cubic Born Nitrite. Depending on various cutting applications polycrystalline cubic born nitrite can be found with with different binder phases plus fine, medium and rough grain structure. CNB is an ultra hard material with excellent thermal stability approximately 1200°. Polycrystalline Cubic Born Nitrite with low cbn contents is especially used in precision machining of hardened steel and other hard ferrous materials.

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